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Insulin needles

  • Ultra fine cannula for maximum patient comfort
  • The needles are fit for Humapen (Eli Lilly, USA), Novopen Ill (Novo Nordisk, Denmark) and Dongbaopen (Dongbao China)
  • Sterile, non-pyrogenic
  • Sterilized by EO



Wuzhou Medical  Thanks for choosing  Insulin Pen needles and thanks for your trust into our company.

It is our duty to offer and provide you highest quality products for your save and comfortable diabetes therapy.



4X SAVE and SENSITIVE injection! To minimize pain by using:

1 .) Specific laser cutting of lanset point

2.) All needles with silicone coating

3.) Thin wall technology ensures an big inner dimension of the needles for sensitive insulin delivery

4.) Save luer connection protects against “wet” injections


Only for use with insulin injection pen system with standart luer/universal connections.

All needles are sterilized, non toxic and non pyrogenic. All the insulin pen needles are for single use only.


100 pcs. Sterilized Insulin injection pen needles and user manual


Before injection, control the insulin flow in accordance with insulin pen’s manual.

If you are using the first time Insulin Injection System, or you have any question regarding the product or handling, please contact your doctor, diabetes assistant or feel free to call our Service Hotline, or our national service hotline.


Hereby you will prevent wrong using or wrong injection. 1.) Peel off the protective tab.

2.) Twist it in clockwise direction with the outer protective cover and fix to the pen.

3.) Take off the outer cover and save it.

4.) Take off the inner cover.

5.) Prickle the skin and inject slowly in accordance with your doctor’s advice. To provide the full insulin amount after pressing, keep the needle aprox. 5 seconds in your body injected and take it out afterwards.

6.) Fix the outer cover carefully.

7.) After usage take off the needle by turning on anticlockwise direction and destroy it safely.

8.) Please use a new pen needle by every using.



Multiple usage of the same needles or to change the injections area irregularly may make sclerosis. To avoid damages, injection areas should be controlled regularly and needles should be changed after every using.

Please store your Insulin pen needles in cool and dry places.

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