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February 2, 2017
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Transurethral Catheter


In our range of Foley Balloon Catheters we provide 2-way and 3-way silicone
devices with Couvelaire, Dufour and Mercier tips to best suit our customer`s individual needs.
All our catheters are kink stable and non-allergic to ensure the highest level of patient
comfort and safety without compromising the device`s irrigation performance.

Most suitable for short- and long term drainage
excellent tissue compatibility
low incrustation incline
Dufour tip

2- or 3-Way Balloon Catheter 100 % Silicone
2-Way Balloon Catheter 100 % Silicone transparent – Paediatric
2-Way Balloon Catheter 100 % Silicone green with integrated or external balloon
3-Way Balloon Catheter 100 % Silicone for Haematuria and Tamponade

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