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February 2, 2017
UROTECH – White-STAR Double-J Ureteral Stent Set
February 2, 2017
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UROTECH – Renodrain Nephrostomy Puncture and Exchange Set


For the wide field of Nephrostomy, UROTECH offers a large range of catheters and sets tailor-made for all current operating techniques such as direct nephrostomy, 2-step or standard percutaneous nephrostomy. Our range of catheters includes balloon, J-tip as well as uniquely phosphorylcholine (PC) treated catheters to minimize the infection rate around the puncture site. Catheters used for insertion through the skin (i.e., percutaneously) into the renal pelvis to gain access to the upper urinary tract. These catheters consist of a large-bore (sizes from 14 to 24 Fr are typical), thin-walled tube, usually with a self-retained tip; some include expanding wings on their tips. Urinary nephrostomy catheters are used to perform drainage for relief of supravesical obstructions and are also used for a variety of procedures involving the upper urinary tract, such as dilation of strictures, removal of calculi, perfusion with chemolytic agents for dissolution of renal stones, and ureteral stenting.

Pigtail catheter treated with PC
Pigtail catheter treated with PC locking pigtail
Silicone Balloon Catheter
Silicone Catheter with integrated Balloon and detachable cone

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