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February 2, 2017
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February 2, 2017
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NovaCath – IV Cannula

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Teflon cone-shaped head
This type of IV Cannula comes with wings and an Injection Valve, to provide extra medication, without pain.
A Specially designed cap on the top prevents contamination when the valve is not in use.

‌Imported P.T.F.E. Catheter which is the best bio compatible material with least coefficients of friction .
It is ultra thin wall and tapered by Imported tipping dies for easy penetration in vein.
The P.T.F.E. catheter, designed and made with double tapered formed tip and siliconised, offers lower resistance during insertion, resulting in less trauma to the patient, avoiding fold back.


Medical grade paper for primary packaging complying with standard ISO 868 .
We follow labelling standard – ISO15223:2007 and graphical symbol as per standard EN 980:2008.
We use only virgin plastic manufactured by reputed companies.
We follow sampling standard as per ISO 2859:1999.

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